Tips To Say No To Your Mechanic

Tips To Say No To Your Mechanic

Mechanics notably have some of the greatest finesse on the planet–they've made a living off convincing you that your car is in dire need of a bunch of repairs that weren't in your budget. Unless you are a car buff, you'd likely not know what needs urgent repairing or how to turn down your mechanics suggestions. The following are tips to say no to your mechanic:

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You Should Say No If...

there is no physical proof. Ask specific questions and determine if there is evidence of the claim, showing its significance. Consider what consequences the repairs hold, if they aren't immediately handled, if these repairs affect your overall safety and devising a possible timeline for repairs.

Beware of mechanics using scare tactics to persuade you into repairing, promising a payment you cannot afford or if you don't feel like it's an honest transaction.

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How To Say No

Declining an offer can feel uncomfortable, especially knowing that mechanics are providing a service that requires compensation but remember you do not owe anyone an explanation. You can choose to shift the decision-making to someone other than yourself (so you're mechanic understands there is no need to continue pursuing your pockets) or simply share why you can't afford to make all his repair suggestions.

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