The Best Road Trip RVs Of 2021

The Best Road Trip RVs Of 2021

Looking to hit the road this summer and cross some items off your bucket list? You may want to take a look at the best road trip RVs of 2020. They really run the gamut: from pricey with lots of extras to surprisingly affordable. The good news is whatever you're looking for, there's definitely an RV with your name on it.

matthew-lejune-WWMN1Yka4aI-unsplash-300x200.jpgPhoto by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash

5. Airstream Caravel 20 FB

airstream-park-872484-300x225.jpgImage by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

Airstream is back with a model that's characteristically sleek and functional. There are four different floor plans to choose from. All models offer excellent kitchens and counter space, and a four-seat dining table that folds out into a bed.

4. Braxton Creek LX-28 BHRB

gallery-lx1-1556828549-300x219.jpgBraxton Creek

This trailer comes in at 28 feet and packs plenty of little extras into that space. The master bunk is at the front, with extra sleeping room at the rear. In between, there's a dining area with a couch, an outdoor kitchen, and plenty of storage. Heck, there's even a shower -- plus two wardrobes for the couple on the road.

3. Cherokee Grey Wolf Black Label 26 DVH

mexico-3120086-300x144.jpgImage by Gavin Seim from Pixabay

The Grey Wolf Black Label measures a total of 31 feet. It offers tinted windows, an exterior kitchen complete with an ice machine, and a small entertainment center with a fireplace. It also features a large storage area for gear and other necessities.

2. CrossRoads RV Cruiser Aire 28 RKS

cruiser-aire-cr-28rks-front-to-back-300x169.jpgCrossroads RV

If you like to cook on the road, you're in luck. The CrossRoads kitchen is excellent and comes with an L-shaped counter and a wine-chilling fridge. Perfect for lazy summer cookouts and tastings with friends. Just as impressive, the master bedroom comes with a king-size bed.


1. Dutchmen Coleman 2955RL Light Series


This RV does it all. Tons of storage space. Lots of windows for a bright, open feel. Seating for nine. But the real kicker is the kitchen, which includes a faux-marble island, microwave, and three-burner stovetop. This is the perfect RV for hosting parties and cookouts.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best road trip RVs.