The Best Jumper Cables On The Market

The Best Jumper Cables On The Market

Common car troubles usually have something to do with car batteries and since you likely don't check battery often, being inconvenienced by one is something you likely will not see coming until the very moment you are stuck on the road. So, it's always a good idea to commute with a quality jumper cable to avoid further complications. Here are a few of the best jumper cables on the market.

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But First – What To Look For In A Jumper Cable:

Jumper cables also, known as booster cables should always be bought at a high standard as these cables are used in various extreme conditions and can potentially create hazardous environments. For this reason, make sure your cables have a sturdy safety grip, a high gauge to charge fast and, the length of the cable, to give your vehicle optimal reach to its energy source.

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EPAuto Heavy-Duty Booster Jumper Cable

The EPAuto cable includes 1 gauge, 25 feet long, 11.35 lbs booster cable coated with industrial-grade clamp handles as well as an 800 AMP capacity. Suitable for any vehicle including cars, motorbikes and trucks all the while providing one of the fastest jumpstarts in comparison to its competitors. It's a larger cable, so it may be a bit harder to conceal but does include well-insulated safety gloves for any weather climate. 

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Iron Forge Tools 20 Foot Jumper Cables 

The Iron Forge Tools cable is a versatile 8 gauge, CCA constructed, and 400 AMPs, and 20 ft. long of tangle-free appliance. It's equipped with wide clamps for the utmost convenience and is also well-insulated to stay durable for years to come. Usable in all weather conditions comes with a light storage bag and a lifetime warranty. 

Other great booster cables include ABN Jumper Cables, CARTMAN Booster and Booster Jump Cables.

 Stay safe out there folks, and give your car battery a look every now and then to try and avoid foreseeable events. 

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