Ways To Buy A New Car During The Pandemic

Ways To Buy A New Car During The Pandemic

The new reality of the western world has caused us to slow down and look for new ways to complete all the mundane tasks necessary to fulfill our day-to-day lives. Like buying groceries and online appliance shopping, the pandemic has made new ways to purchase a vehicle.

Here are a few ways to buy a new car during the pandemic:

meritt-thomas-BwBxVVdlpYE-unsplash-300x200.jpgMeritt Thomas

Virtual Car Shopping & Buying Services

From the comfort of your home, you can view and purchase your next car, with a lot more choices than what is available on a car lot in person. Virtual car buying services will bring your purchase to you and usually include return policies within the confines of your signed agreement. Should you decide you don't like your brand new ride within a few days, the dealership will take it back.

In addition to virtual car shopping, there are now car buying services you can hire associates from to help you find and negotiate your purchase. These services are contactless and social-distance safe.

erik-mclean-ZRns2R5azu0-unsplash-300x200.jpgErik Mclean

Electric Leasing Services & Buying Out Your Lease 

Similar to before the pandemic, there are options to have leased cars or rentals delivered straight to your home. Except now, there are contactless transactions. But, you should know, with this service, there is very little room for you to test drive your vehicle–what you sign up for online is what you get. 

If you've been driving your lease for some time now, consider flat out buying the vehicle. It may provide you with some financial clarity in uncertain times and, you know the conditions of the car as you've been driving and looking after it to your standard. 

evgeny-tchebotarev-aiwuLjLPFnU-unsplash-300x200.jpg Evgeny Tchebotarev

Keep in mind that before you make official purchases, especially of used vehicles, have them inspected by mechanics. Happy virtual car shopping!